Frequently Asked Questions

Depth determination
How do you calculate wireline stretch in a well?

Gas migration
What is the correct procedure to allow gas to migrate out of the insulation surrounding the conductor?

Wireline tension
When pulling on a wireline, is there more tension at the top sheave than is shown on the weight indicator?

Cable diameter
Why are larger diameter cables harder to run in a well than smaller ones?

Does Camesa allow splices in their conductors?

Resistivity of conductor insultation
What is the difference between resistivity and resistance for a wireline cable?

How do I find characteristic impedance of wireline cables?

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Minimum threshold in sour wells
I have a well that has 8 ppm of H2S, what is the maximum ppm that we can run a standard line in?

Determining “stuck” depth
What is the recommended method of calculating a stuck point?

Premature failures
Can you please tell me what is the probable cause for a premature pull-out of the rope socket of a 5/16" monoconductor corrosion-resistant cable in H2S environment wells (1N32WTZ-S75)?

Wireline protection
Is there a product that you can put on wireline and braided line to help protect the line in H2S wells? If so what is it called? How do you apply it? How well does it work?

High temperature exposure
What effects do high temperatures have on the galvanized coating of the steel wires in a wireline?

Maximum lateral length
What is the maximum lateral length a given wireline can be used in well with a kickoff point at 7,500 ft. before exceeding its working tension?