Better products. Better service. Better performance.

The value of your wireline investment becomes clear when you see the caliber of the people backing it. For more than 50 years, Camesa Wireline has been a trusted leader in wireline for the oil and gas industry. From our legacy EMC products to next-generation innovations, our global inventory of industry-leading wireline products gives you the options and reliable performance you need to handle any challenge or geology around the world.

Our customers have come to rely on Camesa wireline for its quality and reliability, and it all starts with the performance of our component materials. The steel wire we use in our cables is selected based on the unique requirements of our customers, and the harsh service demands the finished wireline will face. Every batch of steel rod we select goes through extensive quality control and testing to ensure it meets our customers’ strict quality and strength requirements. Additionally, the final drawn and galvanized wire is subsequently tested in-house to ensure it meets both the specifications and quality standards set forth by Camesa to ensure efficiency and reliable performance.

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Our History

  • 1956
    Camesa first opens its doors as a wire rope company

  • 1975
    Camesa opens first international manufacturing facility in Mexico City

  • 1982
    Camesa introduces the first water-blocked conductor

  • 1985
    Camesa introduces SUPERSEAL pressure sealing agent

  • 2003
    First S77 alloy wireline introduced by Camesa

  • 2005
    Camesa joins the WireCo WorldGroup family of brands

  • 2012
    Camesa introduces new lower-resistance conductors and DuraSlam open hole cables

  • 2014
    Camesa Mobile app is released for iPhone and Android

  • 2019
    Camesa debuts its next generation of EcoSeal® greaseless EMC featuring an all-new zero-torque design and innovative manufacturing for greater durability and reliability